Auto Towing Techniques And Equipment

Towing for buses and other large equipment is a specialized service within the towing industry. When a bus breaks down or is damaged on the highway, quick action is necessary to ensure the safety of the driver and passengers, to reduce inconvenience of other drivers, and to protect and salvage the bus. Managing onsite bus repair and towing requires techniques and equipment equal to the task of moving a large, tall, inflexible box on wheels.tow truck near me Murfreesboro 

Specialized Towing for Buses

Because of the size of the bus, towing companies use different approaches to moving it. They might lift it by the frame or by the tires or even put it on a Landoll trailer. In this case, the driver would use a “Traveling Axis Trailer,” as a Landoll is often called, which has a traveling undercarriage roller system along with a tilt bed design to make getting the bus onto the trailer and positioning it correctly easy and feasible.towing and recovery Midland TX

City and shuttle buses, motor coaches, and Class B and C motorhomes need a very low load angle, plus the ability to carry substantial weight. Once the bus is positioned on the trailer, a lift system on the trailer raises the rear end to provide clearance on the road during transport. Many trailers have a rear wheel lifter to make on the road wheel repairs easier.heavy duty towing El Paso

Heavy Weight Towing

A trailer equipped to handle a bus might have three axles that can support 25,000 pounds each, for a total weight of 75,000 pounds, and a wide axle spread that may be 132 feet or more. In addition, the trailer might have special features such as extension cylinders to side-shift the trailer so that it is properly aligned with the bus. Since buses are typically high, keeping the load perfectly balanced is crucial.

For mechanical breakdown, a tow truck driver summoned to a disabled down bus on the road might attempt to make simple mechanical and tire repairs. If this is not feasible, he will tow it back to the shop for needed repairs. Most towing companies have a range of equipment at their disposal, and will send whatever is necessary to extricate the equipment.tow truck Clarksville

Plan Ahead for Towing

Since bus towing is both intricate and specialized, you should plan in advance how you will handle breakdowns or accidents that might occur. If there are passengers on board, you should have a retrieval system in place so that you can pick up the passengers and provide them with safe transit to their destination. You have made a large investment in your bus, so plan ahead to partner with a towing company that carries the high insurance limits needed to make you feel comfortable with your expensive oversized investment. Since road mishaps can be complex, you also want a company with a track record of extracting vehicles from difficult situations.

When you are looking for a reputable company to provide towing for buses, look for a company that has an extensive repertoire of towing and transportation services for buses and other heavy equipment.